Remo Colindres

Privilege Check

Privilege Check


Privileges. You have them. I have them. We all have them. But, we often forget about them.
So, we created a moment that reminded people of the advantages they live with everyday.



The 3% Conference promotes the importance of diversity. And as a sponsor, we didn’t want to just show up, but wanted to actually do something that contributes to their mission. So, we took over the coat check and turned it into the Privilege Check.


At a three day event that features talks on diversity and inclusion, there’s no shortage of attendees who are well-versed on this subject. So, how do we get people who consider themselves aware to confront privileges they may not recognize they have?


We intercepted people at their first stop, the coat check, and turned it into the Privilege Check. Attendees checked in their coats and got back a surprising coat stub that reminded them of the importance of recognizing their own biases, before challenging cultural biases at large.